Welcome, Sherry and Virginia!

I never know who is reading my blog, so I like hearing from my readers.  Yesterday I had a pleasant surprize.

For probably two or three years before I left Oregon, I had a prayer partner at Reedwood Friends Church.  We’d call each other maybe once a week and share prayer requests and pray for each other.  I knew that yesterday was Virginia’s 94th birthday, so I thought I’d surprize her by bringing her a birthday card and a small gift.  I didn’t think she’d have heard that I was in town.

The surprize was on me!  When Mark and I were visiting with her, she told me that her niece, Sherry, has been printing out my blogs and bringing them to her so she can keep up on what’s happening with me.  She said she prays for me every night.

When I was in California I didn’t have cell phone access where I lived, and Virginia doesn’t have a computer.  I tried writing to her a couple times, and she tried writing to me once, but it took her hours to write the letter I received because she has trouble with her right hand.  I haven’t known how she was doing.  We hope we’ll have better cell phone service in Oklahoma, but just in case, could someone at Reedwood keep me posted on how Virginia is doing?  She’s very dear to me.

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