God continues to pour out blessings on us…

I mentioned recently that Mark and I had dinner at the home of friends from his ward, Linnell and Craig Mikkelsen.  What I didn’t mention was that as we were leaving Linnell gave us a carton of eggs from the chickens she raises.

This morning Mark and I decided to have eggs for breakfast and Mark opened the carton.  In with the eggs was a $50 bill.  Lord, bless Linnell and Craig!

This afternoon Mark and I were working in the RV and my phone rang.  It turned out to be Dea Cox.  I need to say here that Dea is from Reedwood Friends and he’s been like a second father to me.  While we were in California he tried to call me a couple times but I didn’t have phone service down there.  I once tried to call him back, but he wasn’t home at the time.  He didn’t know I was back in town, but he thought he’d try me again this afternoon.  When I answered, he was so surprised!

We arranged to get together with Dea and his wife, Lois, for dinner this evening.  We met at Shari’s restaurant and had a wonderful time sharing stories.  He now has my e-mail address and URL, so when we move to Oklahoma he should be able to have better contact with me.  He paid for our dinner and also gave us three jars of cherry preserves which his company processes.  They also bottle blueberries and make jars of jam that he often shares with folks at Reedwood.  God bless Dea and Lois as well!

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