Family is what it’s all about

I’ve been making up for lost time with my family, and to some extent, Mark’s.  It’s been a few days since I last posted, so here’s what’s been going on:

Friday my two sisters and I met for lunch and spent about five hours in the restaurant solving all the world’s problems.  I don’t know that the three of us have ever spent that much time talking before so that was special.

Saturday we picked my son and daughter-in-law up at the airport.  They were just returning from a couple weeks in Australia where Sarah spoke at a computer conference.  They also spent a week of vacation there and went to the Sydney opera house.  My son has suddenly become interested in opera.  Yay!

This morning, Sunday, my father and his wife invited Mark and me to come to their Baptist church.  He was disappointed that it wasn’t a regular service, but Mark enjoyed it very much.  It was a bit conservative for me.  😉  Afterward Dad took us to lunch and then we went back to his house and talked some more.  It was a good time.

This evening we went to Mark’s granddaughter’s baptism.  In the LDS church, when a child turns seven they begin instruction about baptism and when they turn eight they are baptized.  Morgan’s stepfather baptized her and then we went to another room where she was confirmed in the Holy Spirit.  Her stepfather prayed over her there, and it was good to hear how well he did.  It was obvious he cares about her.  Morgan’s two stepbrothers also prayed for her.  It was a special time for her, and one she will probably remember for years to come.

After we left the baptism, we stopped at my older sister’s house and visited for several hours again.  In fact, by the time we got back to the park where we’re staying, the gate was closed and we had to park some distance away and walk home.  My doctor told me last week that I need to get more walking in, so I counted this walk tonight for that!


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