We’re in the RV!  It’s still parked in our driveway, but we hope to leave as early as possible in the morning.  

Mark and I got dressed up to go to church this morning.  We went to the prayer meeting at my church first, where they prayed for our safe travels, and then skedaddled to his church for the first time in a couple months.  Unfortunately, his church wasn’t meeting at their regular building.  It was stake conference, so I guess everyone was at the stake house.

We took the opportunity to go to the store in Sturgeon Bay and stock up on food for our trip.  We came home and had lunch, and then spent the rest of the day packing stuff from the house to the RV.  Mark is still working at winterizing the house.

This afternoon, the neighbor down the street who has been giving me massages since my “accident” drove down (it’s been rainy and windy) to say goodbye and say she and her husband would like to meet us for dinner at a local restaurant when we come back.

Then this evening, our neighbors across the street called to say goodbye.  I asked if I could leave our house key with them and have them watch the house in our absence again, and they said yes.  I took the key over and sat and visited with them for a few minutes.  This is a nice, friendly neighborhood!

We’re leaving the animals in the house overnight.  The house is warmer than the RV at the moment because we are out of propane, but in the morning we’ll need to bring in the slide outs, get the critters situated in the RV, and run a couple errands on our way out of town (like getting our propane tank filled up), and then we’ll be on the road!

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