House church in Tok

We have a list of churches in Tok and several nearby villages, but the list doesn’t give addresses.  It gives phone numbers, so last night Mark called the contact person for the Tok LDS church.  They are a house church.

This morning we went to the home where they meet.  They were starting late because one of the parishioners needed a ride.  While we sat waiting for her to arrive, we got to visit with the man in charge.  He is a contractor and a pilot.  He said you just about have to learn to fly when you live in Tok, AK.  He and his wife have four children (at least I think all four of the children there were his).  There was another couple there, the woman who was late, and one other newcomer besides us.  I guess there are several regular attenders that weren’t there this morning.

One of their sons played a small keyboard or piano to the songs we sang, and the leader and a couple of the other boys did the sacrament (communion).  For speakers, they had a video of a meeting at the stake center.  It was small and friendly.

I have to tell you something else about Tok because the other newcomer reminded me of it today.  All around Tok there are two roads.  There’s the road that all those of us in cars or RVs or trucks drive on.  Then in a ditch on the side of the road there is a dirt road where ATVs and motorbikes travel.  It was interesting to see that the other newcomer had come to church on an ATV and we passed him on the high road on our way back.  One of these low roads goes in front of the office here at Tok RV Village and we often see ATVs go by on it.  I don’t think they are required to have a license to drive on the low road because I’ve seen fairly young looking drivers on it.

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