More family

Yesterday Mark and I had to take the RV in to get the air conditioning checked before spending a summer in Oklahoma.  The mechanics didn’t want to have to deal with our cats, so we took the unfortunate creatures over to my dad’s house.  I thought the cats would enjoy some time in a house that has lots of room and doesn’t move, but apparently they’ve gotten used to the RV and Kimba hid the whole time.

In the meantime, I worked on the project I’ve been working on for Jamey and Sarah and Mark and Dad had a political debate about gun control.  I tend to believe as Dad does about gun control, but I was proud of Mark also for having well-reasoned and well-informed thoughts on the subject.  Dad and his wife, Elaine, took us out to lunch, and Dad and I discussed church.  Dad’s views have changed in some surprising ways.  It seems like so much has changed in my family in the six months I’ve been gone!

Today, Mark and I hung out in our RV working on projects until time to go celebrate his granddaughter’s birthday.  Morgan turned 8 today.  In the LDS church this is a big birthday because it’s when the children are baptized.  It’s like a rite of passage for LDS kids.  Mark’s daughter, Kim, had us over for pizza and cake and ice cream.  Mark’s first wife and two of Rick’s children by his first wife were there as well.  (Rick is Kim’s third husband.)  Morgan was in 7th heaven.  Add all those numbers up and what do you get?  😉

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