My famous brother-in-law!

As Mark and I were traveling home across the Midwest, my brother-in-law, Fred, celebrated his 98th birthday.  We tried to call him on the day of, but we couldn’t reach him, so the next morning we called and sang Happy Birthday to him.  

Then we had a brief conversation with him and asked him how his birthday had gone.  He told us that they had had a little party for him at the gym where he goes to workout three times a week.  We thought that was sweet and we ended the conversation there so that we could get back on the road.

This afternoon, I called my father to see how he’s doing.  He said, “Say, has anyone told you about Fred being on the news?”  I said “No”, so I asked him all the particulars:  What channel?  What day?  etc.  After I hung up from talking with Dad, I went online to see if I could still find the story.  I hope this comes through for you.  (Let it completely buffer before you play it):

WWII Veteran Celebrates 98th Birthday with Gym Family

Leave it to Fred to forget this little detail about his birthday!

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