Urgent prayer request

Yesterday, I wrote about how much better my dad seemed after his birthday party and I mentioned that my older sister is battling multiple myeloma as well.  She needs some mighty prayers now.

Sherill and Fred at Dad’s party on Sunday

When I stayed with Sherill for a couple nights earlier this week, there was one night when she was writhing in pain as she was trying to carry on a conversation with me.  Her pain was in her left side and her left leg.

Tonight, she was planning to have eleven people come over for a meeting with an evangelist, so she spent the day cleaning and preparing for the meeting.  I guess sometime around 2:00, she was doing something and she heard a loud pop and felt her femur break.  She was thinking she was going to wait until after the meeting to go to the hospital (that’s the kind of person she is), but several people convinced her she had to go sooner rather than later.  A couple that is going to the meeting tonight came over early to find out what they need to do in her absence, and after the meeting, someone will take my brother-in-law, Fred, over to my mother’s house because he didn’t fare well the last time Sherill was in the hospital.

Sherill was taken by ambulance to Providence Hospital, but they decided to transfer her to OHSU because there is an orthopedic oncologist there, the same one that put a rod in my dad’s arm when he broke it several months ago.  They probably won’t be able to do the same procedure with Sherill because her bone is so thin and porous.

That’s all I’ve heard so far and I probably won’t hear anything more till morning.  Please be praying for Sherill and Fred.  Ask God to surround them and keep the enemy from doing any more damage.  I’ll update you when I know more.


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