A praise and a prayer request

Most of you may remember that my stepfather was diagnosed with a rare form of an aggressive thyroid cancer a few months ago.  He finished his radiation treatments last month and has been waiting for the doctors to test to see how the cancer responded to the radiation.  Here is a report I just got from my mom:

The scan today when compared to the pre-radiation scan showed a diminishing of the cancer in the remaining thyroid lobe.  Dr. Holland said Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer often migrates to the lungs but the scan showed Cal’s lungs to be clear, for which we are really praising God.  The docs we saw at the Vets Hospital today were all amazed that this 91-year old man has recovered so amazingly from the radiation treatments and cancer.  We all have secret knowledge as to ‘WHY’ though, don’t we?  It’s really not that secret to Dr. Holland, as we continue to witness to him that there are many faithful pray-ers behind Cal’s excellent outcome.  Thank you all beyond words for your many prayers for Cal.

He’s not out of the woods yet.  The cancer is diminished, but according to my older sister, it’s not diminished by very much.  It is good that the cancer isn’t in his lungs and I praise the Lord for that.  Cal is almost through with his vitamin C infusions and then there is nothing more that can be done for him medically, so it’s going to have to be a God thing if he is to be completely healed.  Please continue to pray for Cal and Mom (Donna).

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  1. Sorry to hear about Cal’s medical problems, but just remember that God is still in control. I’ll be praying for him and your Mama.
    Love you kids.

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