From Milwaukie, OR

Yesterday we set up an extra litter box and an extra food dish for the cats, told them not to throw any wild parties while we were gone, and left them alone for the weekend.  We headed south at the invitation of my sister, Sherill.

I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy to Mark lately.  On our five hour trip down to Oregon, we finished reading Out of the Silent Planet which takes Dr. Ransom to Malacandra (Mars) where he learns the old language of our solar system and learns that Earth (Thulcandra) is the only planet in space that the rulers of the worlds (Oyarsa) and the Eldil (angels) know nothing about.  They lost communication with our planet when our Oyarsa was imprisoned here.  Then we started reading Peralandra in which Dr. Ransom is sent to Peralandra (Venus) to save it from an attempted encroachment by our Oyarsa.  I read these books when I was in junior high, and I remember reading Peralandra late into the night and being unable to put it down until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more.

We arrived at Sherill’s house a little before dinner and she went all out for us.  She made a type of lasagna, French bread, salad, and we had ice cream for dessert.  Then Mark watched the news with Fred while I visited with Sherill.  It was good to have a long conversation with my sister.  She inspires me with stories of faith and miracles every time we get a chance to talk.  I always come away desiring to do better and be better.

This morning Mark and I got up early and took a shower, then went to my mother’s house for breakfast.  She made pecan waffles and we had applesauce and peach juice.  After breakfast Mom and I played a quick game of Banana Scrabble until 10:00, and then she took me to her favorite second hand store and bought me a couple light jackets “for my birthday” (which isn’t until next month)!

We went from my mom’s house to Mark’s mom’s house in Vancouver.  His daughter, Kim, her husband, Rick, and Mark’s granddaughter, Morgan, met us there and we all went out to Billigan’s for lunch.  Morgan is getting to be so big!  She’s only a few inches shorter than me now.  We had a very nice visit with Mark’s side of the family and got caught up on all the family news.

Tonight we are on our own, but tomorrow after church we have plans to have lunch with my father and stepmother, and tomorrow evening we will be having dinner with my son.  We are cramming as many visits as we can into this trip because we don’t know when we’ll be back.

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