Back in Birch Bay

Yesterday was a wonderful day, and I thank all those who made it so!

We had breakfast with Sherill and Fred, then went to Reedwood Friends Church.  We got there a few minutes early and got to visit briefly with some of our friends.  We surprised my prayer partner, Virginia, when we sat down next to her and she held my hand through most of the service.  Since it was Palm Sunday, we were given palm branches to wave.  Then we went to Mark’s church, Oregon City 5th Ward, and stayed a few minutes after to visit with friends there.

After church we went to my dad’s house for lunch, and Dad and I got to talking about family history.  He pulled out several boxes and we went through looking at old family photos.  Here’s one of my parents and older sister before I was born:

Mom and Dad on right, sister Sherill on left

After spending the afternoon with Dad and Elaine, we went to have dinner with my son, Jamey, and a friend of his.  We took them out to Sweet Tomatoes.  When we drove back to Jamey’s house, Jamey’s friend went home and we had a wonderful visit with Jamey.  We got to see the blueprints for the remodel he and Sarah want to do to their basement.  Then we got into a very interesting discussion where Jamey explained to us what the “heartbleed” virus is.  I can’t explain it all, but I can say that Mark and I were frightened enough to change our passwords on all our online banking and bill-paying sites and I recommend my readers do so as well, and frequently!


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