Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

Today has been a red letter day.  My friend, Wendy, came to my sister’s house and got to meet Mark and Sherill and Fred.  Then Wendy and I went out for breakfast.

We had so much to catch up on.  We sat at our table so long after our breakfast was done that the waitresses stopped refilling my water.  We went to Goodwill together.  Then we sat and talked some more at my sister’s house while everyone was out.  Oh, how wonderful to be able to see and hear Wendy and to give her a hug after all these years!  I have many friends in my life, but there’s something about reconnecting with a friend who shares your past with you.  We must have talked for five and a half hours, and we still aren’t done!

The reason the house was empty when Wendy and I got back was that Sherill had to take her husband, Fred, to the hospital for a procedure.  He had open heart surgery about six months ago, and although he’s a strong, healthy man, his heart never settled back into a normal rhythm.  They thought it would correct itself, and when it didn’t they gave him medication that was supposed to help, but it didn’t.  What they did at the hospital today was put him out and then shock his heart with a defibrillator.  When they came home tonight the results were good.  His heart is finally beating the way it should and this will help his recovery.  Yay!

Mark was gone trying to get a part to repair something with the water heater in our RV and then he took my car to the shop for service work that needed to be done.  Such a good man!

The only thing that was a downer today was that my son and I had plans to go bouldering tomorrow night and he called tonight to say that he’s coming down with a cold.  He’ll need to stay home and rest tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll be able to see him sometime before we leave Oregon.  I would risk my health to see him one way or another before we leave, so he better get well soon!

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