Our weekend

Yesterday Mark went in to work for four hours because he has to go to the VA tomorrow morning.  He worked on painting our jousting pole.  If it ever stops raining long enough, I’ll get a picture of it to send.

While Mark was working for Marval, I was working for us.  When we removed our big, heavy winter quilt, there were some tears that needed mending.  I’ve been putting it off because I knew it was going to take a lot of time, but yesterday I spent all day working on it.  It wouldn’t have been so bad except that the day was muggy and warm and I got kind of overheated.  However, now that it’s mended it’s lying under our bed and we have our couch back!

In the afternoon we had a rip-roarin’ lightning storm complete with downpour.  Our RV quickly became an island again.  Then it cleared up for a while, but last evening there was another lightning storm.

Last evening we took Cathy and Clyde to the LDS church here in Gore to work on geneology stuff.  Clyde is part Cherokee and Cathy is part Shawnee.  They’ve been wanting to look into their ancestry ever since they arrived here in Oklahoma.  The LDS room was small and folks were sharing laptops, so we didn’t get too much done, but I looked up my grandparents.  I know that’s all been traced back further than them, but I don’t have those records here with me.  I need to contact my parents and ask for the information that we already have.

This morning was the day Mark has been looking forward to for the last two weeks.  We got up early and went to the VA in Muskogee to get his bandage off and his stitches out.  He has a little bruising on his wrist and there’s a ridge with little stitching holes beside it on his palm, but other than that his hand looks good.  You should have seen him after we left the doctor’s office.  He was dancing and waving his hand around and saying, “I’m free!  I’m free!”  We went out to breakfast to celebrate and he was going into ecstasies at the feel of a glass of ice water or the touch of my hand on his palm.  You never appreciate what you have so much as when you lose it for a while and regain it!

After breakfast, while we were still in Muskogee, I called my sister, Sherill.  Her husband, Fred, had open-heart surgery last week and he’s been in the hospital trying to recover.  He gained twenty-one pounds in water and has been having a hard time breathing since his surgery.  Also, his heart has been going into (I think) arterial fibrillation.  This can be dangerous because the blood pools since the heart isn’t pumping it out, and there’s the possibility of forming a clot that could cause a stroke later.  The hospital has been working on resolving that issue.   My brother-in-law has been weak and discouraged and my sister has been worried about him.  Fred is being moved to a care facility today where they will work on rebuilding his strength so that he’ll be easier for Sherill to care for at home.  Please pray for Fred and Sherill.

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