Happy Boxing Day!

I trust you all had a good Christmas.  We had a quiet Christmas with my mother and older sister and their husbands.  Mark and I opened our gifts and we called my son and sang “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.  This tradition started when he was young and would sleep in on Christmas morning.  His dad and I would stand outside his door like carolers and sing him awake.  I still call him first thing on Christmas morning and sing him awake!

Last night at 11:00, my dear friend Wendy lost her mother.  It’s been two weeks since her mother suffered a major stoke, so at least she isn’t suffering anymore, but my heart goes out to Wendy.  Please pray for her and her sister, Kay.

Today Mark and Sherill and Mom and I went to visit my aunt Marg who is staying with my cousin Dave and his wife, Sue, for a few days.  I ended up showing Dave what I’ve been working on as far as family history.  He and I discovered a few more things, and having Mom and Aunt Marg there to tell family stories helped too.

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