Reassessing our needs

My brother-in-law loaned us his truck today so that we could take some things they were storing for us to our storage unit.  We took the opportunity to again give thought to what we need to have with us and what we want to keep in storage.

This is a good thing to do periodically.  We went through the things we’ve been carrying around in the RV and asked ourselves, “Have we used this since we’ve been full-timing?  If not, do we want to store it or get rid of it?”  We went through the things my sister and her husband have been storing for us and gave much of it away to Goodwill.  Then we went to our storage unit and asked ourselves, “Is there anything here we’ve been missing having with us?  Is there anything here we could get rid of?”  The things we brought back to the RV we found places for.  We also made good use of the dumpster at our campground.

I find that the more I can pare down, the freer I feel.  We have a well-organized 12×12 storage unit, our RV, and our car in which to store things.  It feels good to be so mobile!

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