Busy, busy, busy!

This morning Mark and I got up and drove over to Aunt Marg’s house where we had left the U-Haul truck for the night.  We picked it up and took it to our new storage unit.  Our old storage unit was 10×10 and the U-Haul truck was a 14 foot.  Our new storage unit is 10×20.  We’ve filled all the walls, but the center is still open.  We plan to go through everything we’re carrying in the RV and see what else we can store that we thought we’d need with us. 

After we finished unloading the truck and returning it, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then drove about an hour and a half down to Everest for a job interview.  Air Photo, Inc. is a company that hires Workampers to go just about anywhere in the country and sell aerial photos of people’s homes.  They fly over an area and take shots of a number of homes there, then they locate addresses and send their sales people out to go to the door and show people the picture of their home and ask if they’d like to buy it.

We were there to meet with Jon Sanders, but we also got a tour of the company.  They have a room where they take the photos and print them either on photo paper or on canvas.  They also sell various really nice frames.  I gather we’d be doing the framing as well.  We got to see some of the photos and they are beautiful.  Most of them are in the country so they have enough property around them that you don’t see their neighbor’s homes in the picture.

Jon interviewed us and told us basically what the job entails.  We would be given all the supplies and maps and addresses for an area.  We would be trained and ready within a day or two.  We can work where we want, when we want, and we’d be paid a weekly commission.  We filled out an application and Jon said he’d e-mail me the manual and he’d review our application and get back to us on Thursday.

The job sounds good, and if it starts right away that would be best for us, but there is also some concern about working on commission.  When I called Aunt Marg to report our progress, she said she’s still going to keep an ear out for work for us.  Whatever it is, we need a job soon.  Please keep us in your prayers.

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