Hitting the pavement again

Mark and I continued with our job hunt today, in spite of it being Martin Luther King day.  (By the way, Happy MLK Day!)

This morning I went in to H&R Block and filled out an application for front desk help during tax season.  I was hopeful when I went in because they’d gone to so much trouble to set up for me to come in, but when I got there I was told that all the positions had been filled.  I filled out the application anyway, but when I came out, Mark could sense that I was discouraged.

We stopped and inquired at Walmart but they said that January through March is generally a bad time to be looking for a job there.  Even their part-timers aren’t getting the hours they need.

Next Mark stopped at a place that had a “Help wanted” sign out front.  It’s a place that cleans up after disasters (fires, floods, etc.) in people’s homes.  He left an application and a resume with them.

Then we stopped at Brim Tractor Company and finally got to see my cousin Dan.  He sat down with us for a while and we talked with him about work.  Since Lynden is a farming town, and his company sells tractors, this is his slow season.  He did seem like he might have some ideas.  I left feeling somewhat hopeful.

The closer to the end of January we get, the fewer months we have that we could offer to work for someone.  Please pray that we’ll find temporary work soon.

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