Birch Bay and the birds

After spending a good part of the day today looking for work, which I won’t bore you with again, Mark and I drove back to our place along the bay.  There was a bit of sunshine and the tide was out, so we stopped and Mark grabbed our camera and started shooting pictures.  I stepped down onto the beach for a bit and looked for shells.  While I was doing that, a brown seagull landed fairly close to me and stood there looking me over.  I told him or her that I was safe and the seagull sat down just as comfortable as you please!

This reminded me that I haven’t talked much yet about the wildlife we’ve encountered here.  Right now the fields are barren except for left over stalks from last fall’s harvest.  Because it’s been so wet, many of the fields have standing water in them.  I frequently see geese there looking for food.  I would say that they are Canadian geese, except that they are all white.  Of course, they could also be trumpeter swans.  Sometimes as I’m standing on Aunt Marg’s doorstep I hear them trumpeting over her house.

I love to hear the seagulls cry as they fly over our RV in the morning.  I thought I’d share some of the pictures Mark took of our bay this afternoon.  The brown seagull is the one that got friendly with me!


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