Here’s hoping…

This morning we got word that the aerial photography job isn’t going to pan out right now.  I think he needed someone who could work out of a different part of Washington but we want to stay in this area because it’s closest to the route we’ll be taking to Alaska in a few months.

After we got the news, we drove toward Lynden keeping our eyes open for “Help wanted” signs.  We found one not far from where we live.  There is a storage place that is looking for weekend help.  They didn’t have an application but they said they’d accept a resume if we had one printed up.  We didn’t yet, so we went to the Lynden Library to begin working on our resumes.

By the way, I don’t think I mentioned that we each now have a Lynden library card.  My collection is growing!

We had to stop working on our resumes to get to a doctor appointment I had this afternoon.  I really like this doctor.  Her name is Dr. Jennifer Elliot.  She took a thorough history from me and she knows we’re only here through April so she’s going to make sure I’m healthy by then and she’ll give me copies of my medical records for wherever we go from here.  She thinks of everything!

After my appointment we had dinner and then stopped in at Brim Tractor Company.  My uncle started Brim Tractor Company in Lynden when I was a very young girl.  When he retired one of his older sons took over, but it didn’t suit his artistic personality, so my cousin Dan is now the owner.  He not only has this shop (which sells Ford and Holland tractors so we are not fans of John Deere) but he has several other shops between Lynden and Oregon.  He spends most of his week traveling up and down the corridor overseeing the various shops.  I had hoped he would be in today, but he was just on his way north.  However, one of his employees called him on the phone and let me talk to him.  We’re going to try to connect at the first opportunity.

Then we stopped in at Aunt Marg’s house to get our mail, and she told us her daughter, Jan, was going to pick her up soon.  We stuck around so I could get a brief hug from Jan and a promise to get together sometime.  My cousins are all very busy.  One is in Viet Nam handling business for a few weeks.  I hope I will get to see them all at some point during the four months I’m here!

Aunt Marg suggested we get the Bellingham Herald and check their want ads.  She said it’s bigger than the Lynden newspaper.  We stopped on our way home and bought a Bellingham newspaper and eagerly opened it at home.  The want ads took up less than two columns of the classifieds.  I was expecting something like the Oregonian that has pages and pages of want ads.  We did see something that Mark might apply for.  It’s a driving delivery job in Bellingham using our own economy car and paying mileage.  I’m so glad we have the PriusV!  I think that job would be Monday through Friday, so if Mark got that job and I got the weekend one at the storage unit down the road, we could work this.

We have also discovered there is a bus that stops right next to the RV park we live in.  I looked online tonight to see where it goes.  It goes up into Blaine and in toward Lynden.  If Mark had the car during the week, I wouldn’t be totally stuck at home.  I could also use my time at home to do more editing if anyone (ahem, John) has anything for me to edit.

We are still optimistic that we will find work.  Please keep us in your prayers.

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