All sorts of good reports

This morning my Aunt Marg came and picked me up and took me to her home for the day.  Mark had called me last night and told me that my doctor’s office had left a message on his phone for me to call them.  When I got to Marg’s house I called the clinic and they told me that lab results they had taken last week came back normal.  I have been fighting an illness for several months and it seems I’m finally well!

In the meantime, Mark woke up at my sister, Sherill’s house this morning and he went to the DMV as soon as their doors opened.  He showed them his paperwork and his medical card and got things straightened out on the Oregon end.

I went with my aunt to her eye appointment this afternoon and her doctor said her eyes haven’t changed, so that was good news!

Mark stopped at Madigan Medical Center on his way home.  He needed them to send his medical records somewhere and things had gotten hung up somewhere.  By going there in person today he was able to get that process going again.

Aunt Marg volunteers for an organization that is trying to help persecuted Christians around the world.  This organization receives donations throughout the year, and January is the time to send out the annual statements for tax purposes.  Marg got a box of envelopes that needed a couple stickers and a stamp on each, so I helped her with that as we listened to her favorite DVDs of the reunion of the Gaither Vocal Band.  We share a love of that kind of music.  It helped get us in rhythm for the envelope labeling job.

On his journey back, Mark stopped at the DOL in Bellingham and told them that he’d gotten everything straightened out at the Oregon DMV.  They were then able to clear things up so that he now has a Washington CDL.  He will, however, need to get his medical card renewed before we leave here.

Around 4:30, three of Marg’s great-grandchildren came over to spend several hours with her while their mother took the fourth to soccer practice.  They are beautiful children and seemed to be well behaved.  They had brought over a loom where they could make bracelets for themselves out of small, brightly colored rubber bands.  It was one girl and two boys.  The girl helped us with the last part of the envelope labeling job we were doing.  Then she wanted to watch the Disney channel.  Marg turned that on for her, and I was sitting on the couch watching it with her when I felt a hat being placed on my head.  Mark had snuck in the front door and wanted to surprise me.  It was a wonderful surprise!  It’s so good to have him home again.

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