Snap decision

This morning, Mike from Mark’s church came over to get our resumes.  He said he already knew of three truck driving jobs Mark could do if he had his CDL straightened out.

There is a new law that the state licensing departments are supposed to have a truck driver’s medical card (specific to trucking) on file.  Last summer when we were in Oklahoma, Mark got a letter from the DMV saying they needed his medical card.  Mark thought it was in storage in Oregon, so he let it slide.  When he applied for a Washington CDL he had his medical card with him and his Oregon license still said it was a CDL license so they issued him a Washington CDL.  However, a few days ago they said that Oregon had reported to them that Mark’s CDL there had lapsed.  Washington said that until that was resolved in Oregon they couldn’t give him a Washington CDL.

When Mike said this morning that he had three job opportunities for Mark if he had his CDL, we decided on the spot that Mark had to go down today to take care of that.  It’s a five hour drive down there, and my sister said he could come and stay with her and she’d feed him dinner tonight.  We got him packed and filled the car with gas and said a little prayer for each other and then he drove away.  He hated to go and leave me without a car, but I said I’d call Aunt Marg and see if I could hang out with her.

Aunt Marg did come and get me and took me to the grocery store and we picked up our mail at her place.  She was having a problem with her printer and she asked if I could help.  I wasn’t entirely certain I could, but I looked things over and managed to do something right, so she has her printer again.  Then she brought me home.

Tomorrow, Mark is going to go in to the DMV and show them his medical card and see if he can get things straightened out.  Then he’ll make the five hour drive back up here.  Please pray for his success and safety tomorrow.

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