Guest Blog: Mark Fuller….yea again!!

Hey everbody!!

Hey its me again.  Denise had an appointment with the hand doctor this morning.  In talking with her doctor, it was determined that Denise should have surgery on her wrist on morning of March 13th.  She spent some time with a nurse going over pre-op paperwork and instructions.  Not only did the nurse tell her she couldn’t wear any perfume, the nurse told me, as her escort I couldn’t wear any after shave or cologne!!  I understand being sterile but I ain’t gonna be in the operating room with her…

The nurse also told her she’d have to remover her rings, as injuries and illnesses will cause the fingers to swell.  Denise had already noticed that.  The sad part was when we got home and started working at getting her rings off, I got her wedding rings off but I had to cut off the ring that her Mother had given her, when she was a kid.  My cutter isn’t exactly a precision tool, so it kind of ruined the ring.  We got to discussing the ring’s value and decided to take it to a jeweler and see about its value.  We went to our friendly neighborhood mall and approached Ben Bridge Jeweler’s.  The lady jeweler looked over Denise’s sad ring and thought it could be repaired.  She gave us the name of another jeweler across Bellingham who she thought could fix it.  When we got to this other jeweler, they had closed for the night.  So we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to have the ring assessed.

The 13th is going to be a busy day; I take Denise to her operation appointment, then I leave for my own medical appointments in Mt Vernon. Denise’s really cool Aunt Marg, is going to come and take my place with Denise, and take her home when Denise is released

Aunt Marg is the really cool person who takes care of forwarding our mail to us.  So we see her a lot, usually at the end of the day.  Ending our day with Aunt Marg is like watching a beautiful sunset, regardless of the weather…..

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