Guest Blog: Mark Fuller

Well her I am again.  Denise is still to lame to do her own blog so I’m filling in again.  As you all know, or if you don’t, she had her wrist operated on last week and yesterday she had a visit with the therapist.  When the Nurse badged her wrist after the operation she did it so the wrist looked like it was broke, kind a bent to onside.  When the therapist removed her badge it still looked kind a bent.  Denise’s wrist is ok, it’s just a little stiff and bent from being wrapped that way for several days.  I was in the therapist’s waiting room reading my NRA magazine, when I started hearing Aaaah!  Ooow!  Ouch! and so on for about 20 minutes.  After a few seconds of quietness, I thought I’d better check and see what was going on.  The Therapist had managed to straighten out her bent wrist and was putting a badge on the incision of her operation.

After hearing ALL about her therapist’s planes for traveling to a therapist convention, all the while  making her next appointment for next week, and after a quick stop for some refreshments we headed for home.  As we turned to drive by Birch Bay, this is what we saw;

Oh..  Denise told me I had to say something about celebrating my birthday;  Aunt Marg and Denise treated me to lunch and Edaleen’s icecream earlier in the day….

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