Fulltiming in an RV

We had a whole day off, and how did we spend it?  Well, Mark has been trying to fix our heating and cooling, and this weekend (as in Monday and Tuesday) he has it all torn apart.  Club Workamper, to which we belong, now has an online parts store, so we looked up how much it would cost to just replace the unit that is having problems.  It’s over $700 just for the unit.  The unit is very compact and Mark has been trying to take it apart, but it’s not really made to be taken apart by mere mortals.  The piece he suspects needs work is way inside where his fingers can’t maneuver.  But because the unit is more than we can afford, he’s bound and determined to fix it himself.  So in the meantime we have the propane turned off, which means I can’t cook on the stove, and our water comes out just a little bit warm.  If we want to heat it up, we run four cups of water at a time through the coffee maker.  On the really hot days, we sweltered in the RV because the air conditioning wasn’t working, but that was better than it will be this winter if we don’t have any heat.  This is high on our priority list!

Other than this, the RV has been working pretty well for us.  We are beginning to figure out where we put things, and rearranging them if there are places that make better sense.  In the bedroom, one of us has to get on the bed or get out of the room if the other one wants to get over to the closet.  But it is certainly easier to go through and clean than a full size house was.  It helps that we have been provided with half a refrigerator and freezer and a storage shed so we can have a few extra things and not have to go down for groceries too often.

Right now I’m listening to crickets chirping, and in a few minutes Mark said he’d play Banana Scrabble with me again.  Life is good!

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