Ready for women’s competition? Maybe soon.

First order of business on our first day off this week was to go shooting.  Mark said he’d play Banana Scrabble with me if I went shooting with him.  We went to the 25 yard range again.  The first target he put up for me was about the size of the bottom of a soup can.  Here’s what I did:

Target 1







Then he decided to give me a bit more of a challenge.  He put up four orange dots that are the size of a quarter.  Remember, this is at 25 yards.  Here is what I did:

Targets 2 through 5







Mark said, “You know, they have shooting competitions for women.”

Then I told him I have trouble seeing what I’m doing.  I always have to ask him to scope it for me and tell me whether I hit high or low, left or right.  He had me take my glasses off and look through the scope of the rifle I was using.  Without my glasses I could see the little dot in the center.  It suddenly struck us that if I’ve been doing this well without being able to really see the target clearly, I might do even better if I can see better.  We had run out of time and ammo for today, and in order for me to do it without my glasses, I’m going to need safety glasses, but next time it will be interesting to see what I can do if I’m just wearing safety glasses!

This afternoon, Mark was trying to figure out a problem with our heating and cooling system, and he told me Glenda was in the barn sorting brass, so I went to help her.  It gave us a chance to talk some more.  I found out that Glenda is Southern Baptist, which isn’t too surprising since she comes from Texas, but she hasn’t been able to find a Southern Baptist church here, so she just reads her Bible at home.  She said she’s now been through the whole Bible once and the New Testament twice.  This is a first for her.  I asked her if she’s ever considered trying other churches, and she said she’s visited other churches, but she’s Southern Baptist through and through.  It occurred to me later that maybe we could do a Bible study together.  After all, Baptists and Anabaptists came from the same beginnings.

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