Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to everyone!  We labored on Labor Day, but we got to mix pleasure with business.  There was a barbecue to which all the employees were invited.  This would have been a day off for us, but Mark and Adam traded off sitting in the tower all day making sure everyone stayed safe on the ranges.  Mark invited me to sit in the tower with him and see what he does.  It was interesting. 

This afternoon we got some time in to shoot.  This time I went on the 50 yard range for the first time.  At 50 yards, breezes start to affect your aim.  There was a bit of a breeze today.  I tried taking my glasses off and just using the scope on the rifle I was borrowing, but that didn’t work at 50 yards, and the target was still a little blurry with my glasses.  I had to have Mark scope my shots and call out to me where I had hit.  The first shot was in the 8 ring, which is the white ring just around the black.  I adjusted my aim and everything else was in the black or the red.  I shot 100 rounds.  This evening Mark scored my target and said I got 986 out of 1000 points!

Labor Day target

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