A praise!

God is still watching over Mark and me.  God protected Mark yesterday (Saturday) on the job.

Mark was installing three new batteries in a motor home yesterday.  He was tightening the cable down on one terminal with a metal wrench when his wedding ring touched the other terminal and he felt a jolt.  The first thought that went through Mark’s mind was of a man he had known in the military years ago who had lost a finger doing the same thing.  That man was wearing a gold wedding band and the gold melted on his finger.  They had to amputate.

Mark jerked his hand off the metal bolt that had fused to his titanium wedding band.  He pulled his ring off and threw it on the ground because it was still hot.

You can see the piece of bolt that fused to Mark’s wedding band.

As he pulled his ring off, it burst the blister that was already forming on his finger.

Burst blister

It burned around his finger.

Amazingly, he finished the job and the customer was talking about another problem he had with his RV when Mark said, “My finger is throbbing and I need to go home to take care of it.”  He came home and bandaged it up.  We’re hoping he can be seen by a doctor tomorrow.

Could it be that God led Mark to choose a titanium ring in 2008 for this very reason?  We are so grateful to God that this wasn’t as bad as it could have been!

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