Tax time and other business

We went to see our CPA today.  He was a little surprised by the thickness of the file we brought with us.  We’ve got some strikes against us, but they are hopefully balanced out by thousands of dollars-worth of donations we made as we were paring down from our house to our RV.  I told our accountant we’ve had a complicated year, but he was pleased to see that we had records of just about everything.

After that we went to my home church, Reedwood Friends Church.  They had several boxes of food for us as well as some potatoes and onions.  The administrative assistant, Capi, is like the president of my fan club.  She’s been faithful about reading and commenting on my blogs.  She gave me a big hug when she saw me and commented on how adventuresome I am!  Pastor Ken talked with Mark about what he was doing at the gun club.  For a pacifist Quaker, he still likes to go target shooting.

I’ve made an appointment to have my annual physical and another to get our AC checked before we spend a summer in Oklahoma.  We even went in to my credit union and made some changes there.

I want to thank my Bible study group in Saratoga for suggesting we look into staying in a state park for part of the time.  We’ve been staying at Silver Falls for free for the last several days, but it’s over an hour away from everything we’re doing, so tomorrow we’re going to move up to Oregon City.  I’m looking forward to staying in “our park”.  I’ll try to remember to explain what I mean about that tomorrow night.

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