Our “work” this week

Mark finished working last weekend, so all this week he has been trying to prepare our RV for travelling.  In the meantime, I’ve been preparing to say all my goodbyes.

We had a problem with our furnace early in the fall and Mark took it apart to try to figure out what was wrong with it.  For several months we only had two space heaters to heat our RV.  A couple months ago, Mark figured things out enough that we had the furnace heating our bedroom and we put the space heaters out in the front part of the RV.  Then Mark signed up for a furnace class through Club Workamper (the organization we have membership in).  They will send him a DVD a month and assign homework.  This is the first month of the course, and already this week he learned enough to get the whole furnace working again.  We love our Club Workamper membership!

Mark has also been working on things like changing the oil and other maintenance things that need doing before we leave here.  Tomorrow he’s going to test the slideout and the levelers and make sure everything will work when we start out next Friday morning.

In the meantime, I had my young friend, Ruthanne Adams, and her mother up to my place today.  Ruthanne is gifted in all the arts.  She plays harp, bells and piano, she writes music and stories, she sews and draws and cooks, and she dances.  I’ve never known anyone so multi-talented, and she just turned 27 this month!  She got her creativity from her mother, Lynn Adams.  This is the first year Lynn has been retired as a school teacher, but she continues to tutor students.  She also plays bells and sews.  I invited them up to see the project I’ve been working on, and they took pictures of it.  I can’t talk yet about what my project is because it’s a gift for my son and daughter-in-law and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I must say it’s turning out well!

Then Lynn and Ruthanne and I sat down and visited.  I told them about our wedding dance, and Ruthanne asked what dance we did.  I couldn’t tell her.  It was one of those kinds of things where you go for three classes and they prepare you to do your wedding dance.  So I showed them the video of our wedding reception.  Mark came in and watched it with us.  I hope they weren’t bored, but Mark and I always enjoy watching it and remembering what a wonderful day that was and all the family and friends who shared their thoughts with us.

I am so going to miss Ruthanne and Lynn.  Lately Lynn has been inviting me to sit with their family in church, and last Sunday she bought me a hot drink and shared a donut from our church cafe before the service.  It seems so hard to be making such close friendships just as we are about to leave, and yet I don’t regret having made friends here.  I hope to have friends spread out all over America before we’re done Workamping!

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