Baby, it’s cold outside!

The temperatures today were in the 30s.  We have not had a working furnace for the last five months, so we’ve been heating our RV with space heaters.  However, we’ve had a sort of breakthrough this week.  Tuesday evening we participated in a webinar by Workamper News on RV maintenance.  We submitted a question when we registered for the webinar and the speaker, Terry Cooper, answered it.

One of the other things that has been going wrong with our RV lately is that the lights have been so dim it’s almost like being in candlelight.  Mark had tracked down some information that this was a sign that our converter was going out, so he ordered a new one off the Workamper online store.  His question to Terry Cooper was whether the converter could also be causing the problems with the furnace.  Terry explained why the converter would affect the furnace and anything operating off the generator.  Mark got the new converter installed, and oila!  The lights are brighter and when Mark turned the furnace on in the back part of the RV this morning it worked!

Unfortunately, Mark had disassembled part of the furnace last summer when we first noticed problems with it, so the front of the RV is still without heat other than the space heaters.  During the webinar the other night, Mark heard that Workamper has a number of classes on maintaining various parts of an RV, so for $47 he signed up for a class on RV furnace maintenance.  They also have a DVD on troubleshooting furnace problems.

Workamper News, the organization we started this grand adventure with, has all sorts of helps geared toward RV fulltimers like us.  We got a lifetime Gold membership; something they offer infrequently.  God was really watching out for us when we got into this organization!

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