First day of school

This morning I went with Mark to the first session of his class.  When I said the RV and Workamper News car belonged to Terry Cooper, I was wrong.  They belong to the president of, Steve Anderson.  Terry Cooper and his wife, whom everyone calls Lady E, are in a fifth wheel right next to Steve and his wife.

Interesting story:  Lady E wrote a cookbook for RVers.  An RV company, Redwood, asked if she would represent them when she goes around giving cooking classes and such.  In exchange, they give Terry and Lady E a new RV every year!

Anyway, Steve Anderson teaches business classes from 7:00-9:00 every morning.  Spouses are welcome to participate in these classes and become their spouse’s business partner.  Then from 9:00-5:00, Terry Cooper teaches the class members the mechanics of being an RV Tech and an RV Inspector.  Notice that I’m being unspecific about gender of the students.  There is a woman amongst all the men taking the RV Tech course.

After Steve’s presentation this morning, I returned to our RV to take care of some business.  We had gales anywhere from twenty to forty miles per hour today.  Shortly before lunch our front awning blew down and was banging the side of the RV.  Mark spent much of his lunch break trying to get it back up again.  I had to literally hang from the bar to keep the wind from blowing the awning up like a parasail with me attached!  Our awning is slightly damaged but hopefully it won’t require any more insurance claims.

After Mark went back to class I was reading my devotions and thinking about all the things that have been happening to us lately and I felt compelled to get down on my knees and ask God to repel the attacks of the enemy.  It’s beginning to feel like we’re in a war zone.  I felt the need to pray for God’s protection of us and our vehicles.  Here are a couple pictures of the damage to our car that I took for our insurance company this morning (from trying to load it onto our tow dolly in the pasture at Falster Farm):

Under the bumper on the passenger side

Under the bumper on the passenger side

Under the bumper on the driver's side

Under the bumper on the driver’s side

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