Glad tidings!

God works in mysterious ways!  Mark and I were settling in to life here in California.  I love my new church and the quilting group I’m part of and the Menno gatherings once a month at the Graeber home.  I joined a women’s Bible study that I hold very dear, and had just started in another women’s group at my church.  But God has directed us on.

I got word from a resort in the Oklahoma Ozarks asking me to consider working there this summer.  Their specialty is hosting family reunions, and they were looking for an Activity Director to plan crafts and activities for the kids.  They were interested in me because of my background as a youth librarian and because I listed crafting as one of my hobbies.  They also liked the picture of Mark and me in costume at our wedding reception.

When Mark and I decided to become Workampers, we agreed that we would take turns taking jobs that we wanted.  Coming to the gun club was Mark’s dream job.  Working with kids and getting to do creative things is my dream job.  I have never been to Oklahoma before and am looking forward to seeing a new part of the country.  This job will go from March 1st to November 1st, and if they like us and we like them, we might get other jobs with the same company at other locations after our contract there is up.

Mark will be more in the supportive role that I’ve been in here.  He’ll be doing maintenance.  Still, he’s looking forward to getting on the road again and seeing new places with me.

Our contract here is up February 1st, so in between jobs, we’re going to spend a few weeks back in Oregon.  I look forward to seeing all my friends and family there.

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