God answers prayer!

Confession time:  Mark and I have been running out of food.  We’ve been gratefully accepting invitations to eat out in the last week to stretch our food.  Several days ago we ran out of meat.  We’re out of fruit, vegetables, milk, bread.  The cats ran out of food yesteday and we had $7.51 in coins that we took to Safeway to buy them food.  We were $.31 short (we never know how to figure sales tax here) and a woman behind us paid it.  She said she’s been there before.  We’ve been praying blessings on her ever since.

I have been praying for the last several days that God would provide.  I listened to a song by Sanna Bunell (sp?) called Ram in the Thicket, about how God provided a ram in the thicket for Abraham and that God will provide for us.  We know we’re getting paid on Friday, but what with travel expenses and not having another pay check until a couple weeks after we get to Oklahoma, I was worried about how to make the money stretch.  We have a small amount of savings, but most of the time from the time we leave here till we arrive in Oklahoma we’ll be having to pay for our space rent and gas, so I’ve been trying to hang onto our savings for that.

Today I went to my last Bible study group at Saratoga Federated Church.  I knew they had talked about having a party for me, so I was looking forward to a few refreshments.  We started out, as we always do, by going around the group with prayer requests.  I was the last to share my prayer requests and I asked for prayer for the woman who helped us at the store, for travel safety, and for our finances.  Each woman in the group prayed for me, not for their own requests.  I will be sure to pray for them and cover them too.

Then they brought five big gift bags over to me.  Every gift bag was full of groceries!  There were canned goods, box dinners, sweets and snacks, and even a couple oranges that one of the women had picked from her own tree in her yard!  They helped me load the food into the back of my car and I gave them all a big hug.  They have been such a blessing to me.  I’m going to miss them terribly!

But that’s not where the story ends.  They had told me I could read their cards when I got home.  Mark helped me bring the bags of food in and I was unloading them and fitting what I could into our pantry, and putting the extra food in bins we can store in an outside compartment of the RV.  I got down to the cards, and they had slipped something else in with them.  I walked out where Mark was working with folded paper in my hand.  He opened the bills and began counting.  There were $84 there.  We were both overcome.  We stood on the spot with our arms around each other and Mark broke out into a prayer of thanksgiving, praying that God would bless the women in my group thrice over.

If you women are reading this blog, thank you so much!  You couldn’t have known what was going on with us.  You were led by God.  You were open and listening and willing to be instruments of God to bless Mark and me.  I haven’t always been sure God listens to my prayers, but it is so evident that God heard this prayer and provided for Mark and me more abundantly than we had reason to expect.  God bless Debbie, Pat, Nancy, Karen, Liehetta, Liz and Sandy!


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