Thanks to the PBC quilt group!

In the last two days I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of my quilt group from Peninsula Bible Church.  The church is in Palo Alto, and I’m thinking that most of the women in the group also live there.

Yesterday LaVern came up my mountain to my RV to look at a quilting problem I’ve been having.  She was coming down from Palo Alto anyway to babysit her granddaughter, but just making the trek up and down my mountain takes a lot of chutzpa.  I was honored that she came to my home on wheels.  Then she offered to take my quilting problem home with her to fix it.  May God heap blessings on her head!  May she be granted a long and happy life!

This morning six more women from my quilting group took me out to breakfast.  It would normally have been a quilting day, but there was a memorial service at the church that was going to bump us from our room, so they decided to give me a send-off instead.  I don’t even know all their names, but I know Donna is sort of like the president of the group and she showed me around the first time I came to quilt.  Kathy is the secretary — sending e-mails out to everyone.  She’s the one that informed the group I’m leaving.  So kind!  Dottie is a feisty 84 year old that I love to pieces.  She always makes me laugh!  Floy (sp?) is the counterpart to Dottie.  They tease each other good-naturedly.  Then there are two women whose names I can’t remember, but one of them told me I have a special spirit about me and she can see it in my smile.  All of them were interested in hearing about what Mark and I are doing.  All of them gave me a hug as we parted.

It’s hard to believe I’ve only known these women for a few months.  I can tell you that every time I’ve quilted with them, I’ve felt the knots in my shoulders loosen.  I have enjoyed listening to their banter, soaking up their quilting wisdom, receiving gifts and food that they share amongst each other, and feeling accepted immediately.  They are so dear to me.  I never thought it would be so hard to say goodbye to friends I’ve known such a short time.

One of them asked me if I had pictures of our RV.  I have given them my web address, so if you guys are reading this, here’s our RV and a couple other pictures you might enjoy:


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