Final goodbyes

I have such a jumble of feelings right now.  I’m excited about my new job, of course, and nervous about our trip (especially with reports of weather conditions in the mid-west), but I’m also feeling a little blue about leaving my friends and family in Oregon.

Today Mark and I picked up our taxes and finished up other business we needed to take care of.  We didn’t accomplish everything we had wanted to do in the last three weeks, but I think we did pretty well.  We got our car re-loaded.  We had taken everything out for driving around on our various errands, but we’ll be using it to store stuff as we tow it behind the RV on the trip.

This evening we had dinner with a couple friends at Old Wive’s Tales.  It was a relatively central restaurant to us all, and one of my favorites when Jamey was little.  They had a play room before McDonalds did!  Many changes have been happening in my friend’s lives, so it was good to catch up with them.  I ended by praying for them.

Then we went to Jamey’s and Sarah’s house and gave them the gift I’ve been alluding to for at least a couple months now.  I can finally say what it is.  It’s a quilt I’ve been working on off and on for nearly ten years.  I started it when Jamey was still living at home.  It was going to be for his bed, but then he and Sarah got together and I wasn’t sure how to incorporate her into the quilt until I got involved in the quilt group in Palo Alto.  Then I picked the quilt up again and suddenly knew what I wanted to do for Sarah.  I found fabrics that involved all aspects of their lives: computers, penguins, vegetables, bees, suitcases, and even a comic rocket!  I hope they’ll have fun looking at all the squares.  Here are some pictures:

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