My son’s remodel

Yesterday, Mom and I went over to my son’s (Jamey’s) house to see what he and Sage had done to it in 2019. Due to Covid, we weren’t able to see it when I was here last year. In fact, Jamey hasn’t been to a barber since Covid hit and I was surprised (pleasantly so!) to see that he has grown a ponytail and it’s curly like my hair!

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Comic Rocket Interview

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that my son, Jamey Sharp, is one of the co-founders of Comic Rocket — a site that helps readers keep track of web comics they’re following and discover new ones to read.  Several weeks ago they were in San Diego at Comic-Con making connections with web comic Continue reading

Girl Genius and Gil

My son, Jamey, is the Chief Technical Officer at Comic Rocket.  They compile lists of web comics (over 2,000 of them!) and make it easy for readers to keep track of multiple comics and stay up to date on the different stories.  There is a comic convention in San Diego coming up in July, and Jamey and his wife, Sarah, are going.  Sarah is a creative Continue reading

Steps for putting together a book

Every Friday, I volunteer at my son’s business – Comic Rocket.  I’ll write more about that later, but first I want to talk about something that will be more pertinent to book authors and creators of graphic novels.

What I do when I volunteer at Comic Rocket is look at web comics and try to rate them for appropriateness using the movie rating system of PG, R, and NC-17.  As was mentioned in the letter of recommendation I posted in yesterday’s blog, my background equips me to help figure out age ranges for books and at my volunteer job I am learning to do that for web comics.

In order to figure out ratings, I have to read a fair way into a comic to be sure something that starts out relatively innocently doesn’t suddenly change, so I am getting to know the comics out there.  I am excited to talk, today, about the web site of one web comic/graphic novel that can help writers of graphic novels in particular, and books in general.

reMIND by Jason Brubaker is a web comic/graphic novel that he wanted to turn into a coffee table book.  According to his web site, he works at Dreamworks Animation in Visual Development by day, and at night he puts on his cape and doubles as an independent graphic novelist and Continue reading