Sewing camp and Christmas decorating

Yesterday (Saturday), I volunteered to help at a sewing camp my Oregon church, Clackamas Park Friends Church, puts on semi-annually.  At the same time, there were volunteers in the sanctuary decorating the church for the Christmas season.  I got pictures of both…

The woman on the left is Lavanna. She started this sewing camp several years ago as an outreach to the community. It has been very popular!

One of the volunteers teaching a couple of girls how to make scrunchies.

A group of girls sewing candy bags into zippered bags

Candy bag

A volunteer helping a girl make a gift bag

This volunteer kept burning her hand as she was pressing with steam until she put on a Kevlar glove which protected her hand from the heat. It also prevents cuts.

This is our illustrious pastor, Ken Comfort. He’s the man that married Mark and me when we eloped in 2008. He’s very good with kids as you can probably tell!

Lyle trying to figure out how to get the lights in the center of the tree to shine.

Mike hanging a swag

His son also sprouted ears!

From left to right: Pastor Ken, a volunteer whose name I don’t know, and Marji the ventriloquist. Through her smile, she was saying, “Are we done yet?”

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