Storms still obey Him!

Mark and I had just had dinner and were talking about what we were going to do before our evening rounds when there was a knock on our door.  One of the new Workampers here came to warn us that a severe storm was on its way.

Shortly after he left, our weather warning radio started into alarm and the report on the station said that a severe thunder storm was headed our way with half inch hail that could damage vehicles.  We were told to seek shelter somewhere away from windows.

Mark went out and started battening down the hatches (pulling in the awning, covering his Harley, etc, while I put our cats into their carrier cases and started calling everyone I could think of to ask for prayer.  As soon as I called the last person on my list, we began to notice something odd…The weather report was now focusing on Menominee and Escanaba in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Mark opened his laptop and looked at a doppler report that showed the storm breaking up.  We left the cats in their carriers under the table while we went to do our evening rounds, just in case.  (We would have taken them with if things hadn’t seemed to improve.

As we were doing our rounds we saw Kathy standing in the parking lot outside the office looking up at the sky.  She looked at us and smiled and shrugged her shoulders.  Mark asked her what had happened to the storm.  She said that she and Tim had been standing in their back yard watching a huge threatening cumulous cloud coming straight for us.  Tim was trying to decide if he needed to go around with his bull horn and warn everyone to come into the shelter of our bath houses.  As they stood there watching, she said the cloud seemed to break apart and head north and south of us.  The northern peninsula was not touched!

While Mark and I were doing our rounds, we were praying for the folks in Escanaba.  By the time we finished our rounds, we turned on the radio and the warning message had ended and they were talking about regular temperature and weather patterns.  When we got home I started calling back all the people I had called before, beginning with my “twin”, Denise Fuller.  When I told her how the storm had just vanished before it hit us, she started laughing and praising God.  Jesus’s disciples marveled that even the wind and the waves obeyed Him.  Apparently they still do!

One thought on “Storms still obey Him!

  1. Sister, thank you for inviting me to pray. And a special thank you for reporting back to me that our prayers were answered!!! Yes, they still obey Him! I’m so, so #grateful for that!!! I love you both!! Xoxo

    In Christ,

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