Tornado watch

We have the weather channel on.  My heart goes out to Moore, OK where children were killed in their school this afternoon.

Here the sky was overcast all day and it was warm and moist outside, like walking through a pool.  Around 7:00 we had a thunder storm and then it calmed down for a while.  Right now Sequoyah County, where we live, is not on the tornado warnings, but Muskogee is.  I’m watching quite a light show in the south, although we aren’t hearing loud thunder.  It’s more like a low rumble.  This reminds me of the night a month or so ago where we caught the tail end of a tornado.  You may recall me describing the sky as looking like it was a sheet of metal being rippled between two people.  We have a similar sky out there right now, but more to the south of us rather than right on top of us.

We just got word from Loraine and Adriane who left here to work in Coffeville, Kansas.  They just spent some time in a storm shelter with people and pets, but they are okay.  I can see folks going into our storm shelter now.  I’ll write more later…


…At the point when I saw people entering the storm shelter last night, Mark put on his raincoat and went over to check it out.  I turned off my laptop and emptied a box to put the cats in if necessary.  Mark came back and said it was three young campers who had gotten worried, but he said as windy as it was, it wasn’t as bad as the night we caught the tail end of a tornado.  We turned on the weather channel and kept watching for warnings, but all the news was about Moore.

People have been asking me how close we are to Moore.  Moore is near Oklahoma City which is about in the center of Oklahoma.  I looked it up and Moore is 125 miles away from Gore, about a two hour drive from here.  We are about half way between northern and southern Oklahoma on the eastern border.  We are south of Tulsa and Muskogee.

When we woke up this morning there was still lightning and rain.  If the campers haven’t decided to check out and go home, I predict I’ll be busy in Activities today.  Jeff has pulled Mark to help with Maintenance.  I see that our neighbor across the way has put his awning back out, so I take that as a sign that we are out of danger.  We’re supposed to have thunder storms all day, but it doesn’t sound like they’re expecting tornadoes here.  I should also say there is an alarm in Gore that we’re supposed to be able to hear here if things do develop.  We’re okay and your prayers have been helping.  Thank you!

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