One more update on my friends in Louisiana… Betty sends her thanks for all the prayers that went up for them after I posted about her and Mike.  She says that while others are saying the weathermen were wrong, she prefers to believe that God answered our prayers and hers.

Speaking of storms, we went through a doozy today.

Mark had an appointment at the VA in Green Bay for an upper GI exam.  They put him to sleep for that, so I came along to drive him home.  The procedure went well.  The last time Mark had this, they gave us a long list of his favorite foods and beverages that he was no longer supposed to have.  When the doctor came in to talk with us after the procedure today, Mark asked him to tell me what he’d told him before the procedure:  that as long as nothing hurts his stomach, he can have it in moderation.  They did take a biopsy to be sure that his gastritis isn’t caused by a bacterial infection.  The doctor will let us know about that.

The first thing Mark wanted to do after we left the VA was to eat.  He had been fasting since last night and didn’t get out of his procedure until mid-afternoon.  After lunch, we headed up to Sturgeon Bay where we had a couple of errands to run.  The whole way up, Mark slept.  I was noticing thick black clouds to the west of us as we headed north.  When we got to Sturgeon Bay, I stopped at Walmart to get some dog food and Mark stayed in the car to sleep.  It was raining lightly when I came out of the store.  I loaded the dog food in the back of the truck and started driving home in a deluge.  I could see lightning flashing in front of me, to my left, and behind me (far enough away so as not to be too worrisome).  Mark slept through the whole thing and when we got home, he couldn’t even remember that I had stopped at Walmart.

He was very upset by the downpour, however, because he’s been working on someone’s roof and it wasn’t covered.  As soon as we got home, he grabbed Tucson and headed down to the campground with a tarp.  Yesterday, the weather report indicated that we were going to have nice weather most of the week.  This morning it said we’ll have rain and thunderstorms through Friday.  Please pray for Mark this week and also that God will stay the weather, if He will, so that Mark can get the roof repaired.  Your prayers helped the Gills.  May they help Mark as well.

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