I have wonderful news from my pastor, Nancy Bontempo, today.  She finally had a successful biopsy that told the doctors what they needed to know before treating her.  The upshot is that she will not have to have a mastectomy!  Praise the Lord!

I’ve got a couple of days worth of pictures to share.

We had a church picnic on the lawn at church on Sunday. You can see the memorial to “The Old Rugged Cross” in the background.

They had a jar there for collecting donations for Nancy’s treatment.

A couple of children were blowing bubbles. 🙂

Then today at the Noble House, there was a Model A show going on in Noble Square:

A “Village Bath Products” truck

The couple who own this car are the Model A Association presidents.

The woman who came with her husband in the above car came on one of my tours today.  Not only are she and her husband presidents of the Model A club, but she makes christening dresses out of old bridal gowns.  She was excited to come and see our wedding exhibit.  She makes some of the embellishments on her christening dresses that we have on some of our bridal gowns.  She showed me a picture of the most recent dress she made and it was beautiful!

There was also a band playing Dixieland jazz. The event was well attended.

Mark had good news as well.  When he went into the RV where he’s been working on the roof, he found that all the rain that had fallen into the RV was contained in the shower so there was no interior damage.  He used an old air conditioning vent cover to cover the hole where the skylight was while still ventilating it to let it dry out after the storm.  Thank you for your prayers for him!  He seems more happy this evening.

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