Creative day

Today, I got to spend the day with women.  Good day!  And I got to be creative.  Even better!

This morning, I went to a group that meets in the library on the second Wednesday every month, the English paper piecing group.  I am trying to relearn how to do this method of quilting.

It has taken me three 2-hour meetings to finish these two paper-pieced flowers.

Another woman in the group is working on hers. You wrap fabric around paper templates, baste it, and then sew the “petals” together around a center.

This quilter has put her flowers together and is sewing them onto a background fabric. Once it is sewn on, she will cut the background fabric out from behind the flowers and remove the paper.

This is a sampler of various pieced designs.

After I left with my two little flowers, I ran home to take care of the critters and have a quick lunch.  Then I headed over to my new third job!  There is a couple in Ellison Bay that makes hex signs, miniature barn quilts, and signs.  Their business is called Hartmann Signs and Art Gallery.  I had spoken with them a month ago about possibly doing their bookwork beginning today, so I went dressed in my office clothes.  Carol looked at me and said, “You are dressed really nicely.  I was thinking about having you do some painting today.”  I told her I’d be really careful and I could do it.  They make and sell things like this:

This is a hex sign.

She let me draw patterns on pre-painted wood for her husband to cut out for making certain shapes of signs.  Then she had me paint the edges of some boards that are ready to be turned into signs.  It was about one and a half hours of work, but I was honored that she let me help her with the signs on my first day!

After I left there, I picked Kader up.  She dressed up really nicely because I had promised to take her to another art gallery today.  We went to Rob Williams Gallery here in Ellison Bay.

Outside the gallery

What a nice man!  I told him that Kader is an artist from Turkey, so he showed her around his studio and explained his process to her.  I had asked her to bring her sketchbook, so I suggested she show him the drawings she made last week before the play.  He was very complimentary.  Then she got to looking at some prints and asked him about them.  They just happened to be of the Noble House.  I told him I’m a docent there, so he gave me a print worth $45 for the house!  On top of all that, my big truck was having trouble maneuvering his little parking lot, so he came out and directed me.  I was very grateful to him!

We had Kader for dinner and a movie this evening.  She has been afraid of Tucson’s boisterousness, but she is able to play with Tucson and pet her while Tucson is on her leash.  I think they will be fast friends!

I have an update from Pastor Nancy:

Update from CTCA:
Our oncologist says chemo might not be necessary. Running one last test on biopsy results to determine. In the meantime, he has prescribed an estrogen block and wants to see me in a month. It alone might reduce the size of the mass.
Shocking. Wonderful. ♥️

What a miracle that would be!  She will be coming home from the clinic in Zion, Illinois tomorrow.  Please be praying along these lines for her.  Thank you!

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