Time with the kids

Mark took me to work this morning at the Noble House and then he went and picked Merih up for some guy time.  Mark has been working on Merih’s car for at least the last couple of weeks, and it was hoped that with Merih’s help, they might be able to finish, but this car is not so easy to fix.  However, Mark thinks that they should be able to have it driveable by next Tuesday.  Merih is certainly hoping so!

When I got off work, Mark left Merih working on the car while he came to pick me up, and then we picked up Kader and brought her back with us.  Tonight was a Bridges event, so Mark stayed to continue working on the car while I took the kids to Bridges.  The event was in Gills Rock where they were going to get to jet ski or go tubing.

We got there just in time for dinner. They feed them well at the Bridges events: Tonight it was Sloppy Jo’s, potato salad, chips, grapes and cherries, and corn on the cob.  There were also cupcakes for dessert.

Right after dinner, the kids got on a boat to go out to where the jet skis were.

Bon Voyage, Kader and Merih!

Out on the silvery water

They disappeared into the sunset.

Bridges students and coordinators mingled on the shore.

I couldn’t resist photographing this student texting on her phone near the water.

While one group was out on the boats, there were a couple of contemporary Christian artists singing to the rest of the group.

Merih swung by on a jet ski.

The sun was getting lower, and still no sign of the boat full of Bridges kids.

I finally catch a glimpse of the boat.

Merih is ready to help bring the boat up to the dock while Kader smiles at seeing me.

Kader and friends

The woman on the right was watching all the kids’ bags for them. She asked them how their ride went.  They had fun!

Merih was eager to get back and see what Mark had been doing on his car. Not as much as hoped, apparently, because there was another snafu with what Mark was trying to do. This isn’t going easily!

Tomorrow, I will get to spend some girl time with Kader!

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