Job interview and etc.

I showed the pictures of Mark blow-torching the cellar doors yesterday so that he could get in and turn on the water.  I failed to mention that when he tried to turn on the water pump, there was a crack and water sprayed everywhere, so we don’t have water to the house yet.  This also means we don’t have heat in the house because our registers run water through to heat the house.  Mark called a plumber this morning and they said they’d try to make it to our house by this afternoon, but it didn’t happen.  Hopefully, they can come and fix the leak tomorrow morning.

We spent last night in the RV again, and in the early morning hours, Mark took Tucson out to do her thing.  While he was out there, he heard a funny noise so he followed the sound and discovered that we had a broken hose and all the water in our fresh water tank had leaked out.  So, no water in the RV either.  What to do about a shower before my interview?

Mark was out with the dog again after we got up and I was dressed in my bathrobe and slippers putting breakfast together when I heard voices.  I looked out my window and saw that Lynn and Karen, our across the street neighbors, had brought Sasha over to meet Tucson.  Sasha has a big bark and it scared Tucson, but all things considered, the meeting went fairly well.  Sasha’s hackles weren’t up and her tail was wagging even though she sounded serious.  There’s hope that they will eventually become friends.

I came out in my robe and slippers, and when Lynn and Karen asked how things are going, I mentioned that we have no water in the house or the RV.  They offered to let me take a shower in their bathroom and I gratefully accepted.  We have good neighbors!

My job interview was at the Ephraim Historical Museum this morning.  I met with John Grochowski who has only been in Door County for a few years himself.  He asked me all the usual questions (“What are your strengths and weaknesses”, etc.) and some unusual ones (ie – “Who is your favorite historical person?”  “Why is history important?”  etc.) and then he asked me if I had any questions.  I asked if he could show me around a little.  On the grounds, they have an original barn that belonged to the Anderson’s, a log cabin that was brought to the property and assembled log by log, and across the street is the original Anderson’s Store which shares Anderson’s dock with this building that I’ve shown before:

Anderson’s Dock

The building above is owned by the village of Ephraim and has been turned into an art gallery.  I don’t have a picture of the store that would be behind me in this shot.

I tell you, the more I heard about the job, the more I wanted it.  I told John every bit of experience I have that would be applicable to the job and I positively gushed about Door County.  I came away from the interview feeling euphoric!  A little reflection since has toned me down as I suspect they have interviewed others with a fair amount of experience as well.  I won’t know the results until possibly the end of this week.  I’m taking it philosophically.  If God wants me to have the job, He’ll give it to me, and if He doesn’t, at least I already have one part time job and there may be another one that comes up because I applied for it last fall.  This would sure be a good job though, if I can get it.

When I got home from the interview, I called my boss at the Ellison Bay visitor center to let her know that I’m back in town.  She and I will get together on Monday to discuss projects she needs help with and come up with a possible schedule to coincide with the museum job if I get it.

When we got home yesterday, our phone batteries were low so I couldn’t make any calls out.  This morning, my older sister called to tell me the latest with Dad.  He had a doctors appointment yesterday.  During his surgery, they had taken two samples of tissue to test for cancer.  The first has returned showing no cancer.  We are still waiting on the second to see if that shows the same result.  We’re praising God that so far there is no sign of cancer.

I spoke with Dad tonight.  In physical therapy, he is improving in walking with a four-wheeled walker.  There is some talk that he may be released to go home this coming weekend.  Please continue to keep Wayne McCroskey in your prayers.

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