Health issues

My mother has been on a journey the past few weeks.  It all started with a kidney stone…

Mom spent a painful day before she couldn’t stand it anymore and called for an ambulance that took her to the ER.  They took some x-rays and discovered the stone and in a few days, it passed.  WHEW!  However, a few days later, her doctor called and said the hospital was concerned about something they’d seen on the x-ray besides the stone.  Mom went in on Tuesday of this week for an ultrasound, and yesterday her doctor called to say she has a three-inch tumor on one of her ovaries.  The next step is an appointment Mom has in February to find out if the tumor is malignant or benign.  In a way, Mom is relieved to know what it is because her mind was running wild with possibilities until yesterday.  Her name is Donna, and if you would be so kind as to pray for her, she and my sister and I would be grateful.

One of my readers just asked me for an update on my pastor in Wisconsin who learned last summer that she had breast cancer.  She had her first of four rounds of chemo right before Mark and I left Wisconsin.  She finished the chemo and she’s back in the pulpit.  Here is a picture I found on her Facebook page:

Nancy, reading her Bible as usual in the morning…

I’m sure Nancy would appreciate any prayers you might send her way as well.

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