A long day, but successful

Mark dropped me off at work around 8:30 this morning because he finally had the supplies he needed to go up and do that job in Winkleman that we checked out a couple of weeks ago.  He knew that was going to be a long day for him, especially since it takes and hour and fifteen minutes just to get there.  He left me with my bike in case I needed to go home before he could come to pick me up.

I clocked in just before 9:00 this morning and spent a couple of hours on the front desk before relief came.  Then I went to one of the cubicles to start making calls for appointments.  One of our Tax Advisors, David Dahl, is willing to work six days a week, twelve hours a day if need be.  He is very competitive and wants to get as many clients as he possibly can.  This means that he has way more clients than any of the other Tax Advisors.  I started calling his list of clients around 11:30 this morning and didn’t finish until about 4:30 this afternoon.  You may recall that my top number of appointments in a day was nine.  By the time I finished David’s list, I had made twelve appointments!

When I hit ten appointments, I went outside where my boss and a couple other staff members were smoking and I let out a “WooHoo!”  My boss grinned and asked how many appointments I had, and when I told her I had just made ten, she was thrilled.  So were the other two women standing there.  When Victoria found out later that I had twelve appointments, she was floored!

After I finished calling David’s clients, I began calling for appointments for the other Tax Advisors.  I called from 4:30 to 7:30 and only got one more appointment, but thirteen appointments in one day is just about unheard of.  I have a feeling I may never be able to top this record, but before this year, I never thought I’d get anything above three appointments in a day, so anything is possible!  🙂

Mark finally picked me up at 7:35.  He has a cold coming on and he was outdoors caulking most of an RV today, so we stopped at the store and got some vitamin C and some medicinal teas for his cold.  He needs to go finish the job tomorrow.  The temperatures this week have only been in the 60’s which may sound warm to most of you, but in the desert and with the wind, it still feels quite chilly if you have to be out in it for any length of time.  There’s no cloud cover to keep the heat in.  I’m trying to convince him to stay home this weekend and rest up.

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