Mom says it’s time

My mother contacted me yesterday to see if I was still alive, so I guess it’s time for another blog post, but whoa! Things have changed in my blog settings since the last time I wrote. If this looks different in your email, let me know what you see. I’m going to have to relearn this program!

Yesterday (Friday the 7th) ended a two week pay period for me. I only had one day off in that time and I worked ninety-four and a half hours. I was within three calls this afternoon of having our calls 100% complete when my boss pulled me off the calls to clean up. Aargh! So hard to leave those last three undone until next week.

Mark worked three very long days this week which is part of the reason I got in so much overtime. I should have gotten off work those three days at 5:00, but instead, I didn’t get off until 6:00 or 7:00. I was all bright and sunny at the beginning of the pay period. Now I’m feeling exhausted and spent, but I have a full weekend coming up tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday. I hope to rest up this weekend so that I can be bright and sunny again next week.

I was a little concerned about not having any more calls to make for a while, but Victoria said she has plenty of things I can do so that I can get full hours.

A few updates on the health issues of women in my life:

  • Mom’s tumor is benign, Praise the Lord! She will need surgery to remove it, but she’s going to wait until school gets out in June so that my sister and brother-in-law can be there to help her when she gets home.
  • On the other hand, my pastor in Wisconsin, Nancy, had several nodes biopsied and several of them were cancerous. This means she will need to go back for more surgery and more chemo. In her phone message, I could hear reluctance to go through it all again, but she’s trying to see this as something God is using to teach her something more about Himself.

Prayers for Donna and Nancy would be appreciated:

Donna (Mom)
Nancy (my pastor)

Thank you for your prayers!

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