Update on Dad

Thank you to those of you who were praying for my father! 

I worked all day today and didn’t know for sure if he’d actually been able to have the surgery until I got home and called my brother-in-law.  I have also spoken with my stepmother and my sister.  Dad had the surgery.  It started later than expected and lasted until mid-afternoon.  They drilled a little hole in his right shoulder and elbow and put a titanium rod down through his broken arm.  Then they drilled a hole in his right hip and knee and put a rod down through his femur to strengthen the bone which was apparently very thin and could have broken.  While they were there, they took some tissue samples to send to a lab to see if there is cancer.  It will be a couple days before the results come back.  Continued prayers would be appreciated as Dad now tries to heal and as we wait for the lab results.

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