Update on Mark

We are beginning to have three day weekends at work, and this weekend has been mostly spent at the VA in Muskogee.  Well, I should say that we had a day of rest on Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday were medically intensive.

Yesterday Mark got the bandage off his left hand, the one he had carpal tunnel surgery on a couple weeks ago.  The doctor looked at his scar and said he must have good genes because his incision site healed up so well.  You should have seen Mark…He was walking through the waiting room afterward saying, “I’m free!  I’m free!” and waving his hand around.  All the other patients smiled!

This morning Mark went in for a lab and then he reported for his biopsy.  We hadn’t remembered that they wanted to put him under, so we had breakfast before we came.  That meant they had to go with a local anesthetic, which didn’t keep him from flinching every time they jabbed him.  They started him last night on antibiotics, which he has to take for the next few days to ward off any possibility of infection, and there are work restrictions for the next week, but other than that he’s up and around.  We won’t know the results of his biopsy for a couple weeks, but from the MRI the doctor took, he said that there were no visible nodules and his prostate didn’t seem to be enlarged.  Please keep us in your prayers as we wait to hear the verdict.

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