Further prayers needed

As an update to my last blog, Mark took the medication that was sent home with him yesterday.  We thought the doctor had said it was an anti-biotic for his inner ear.  Mark stayed home from work and slept most of the day.  Several family members said it sounded like what Mark experienced on Monday was a vertigo attack, and his sister who is an ER nurse said that the medication he was taking was for dizziness.  His last dose was last night and he was still a little groggy this morning.

He was told in an e-mail from his primary care physician that his hand doctor was still willing to operate on his hand this morning, so we got up early and he had a ten minute surgery under general anesthesia.  His hand doctor gives his patients an anti-biotic IV while he is operating on their hand, and we were told that it will last up to two weeks in his blood.  That will help if he has an inner ear infection as well as protecting him from infection as a result of his surgery.

Mark’s hand was numb for a long time.  It’s wrapped in a large bandage and he has to wear a sling.  I have been trying to help him, but he doesn’t want any help.  This afternoon, one of the other Workampers came over and mowed our lawn while Mark watched.  About that time, the anesthetic wore off and Mark took a pain pill his hand doctor prescribed for him.  Then he went and took a nap for a couple hours.  Since he woke up he’s been kind of glum.  He’s been through a lot in the last few days and it’s catching up to him.  The pain medication isn’t completely eliminating the pain and he’s down about not being able to completely take care of himself.  Please keep him in your prayers.

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